Rise of the Runelords

Conspiracy Theories

The evening before the group goes to try to meet the Lord-Mayor of Magnimar, Drazz calls the group into his room.

He’s been attempting to decode the ledger book and is making some headway but still has not successfully cracked the code yet.
However, he has some serious concerns that he needs to share with the group.

The note he found after the attack on the serpent-woman (he’s still trying to figure out what manner of creature she was) along with what was going on in Sandpoint has led him to some theories.

We know that The Thassalonian Empire was broken up into seven parts, each based upon one of the great cardinal sins (Pride, Lust, Sloth, Wrath, Greed, Gluttony) and each section was ruled by a Rune-Lord of great magical power.
We know that the catacombs under Sandpoint were some kind of temple to the sin of Wrath, we think the Rune-Lord of Wrath may have been the woman we saw represented by statues.
We know that one of the symbols of the Thassalonian Emipre is the Sihedron Rune (the seven point star) which we have seen in carvings all through the catacombs.

We now know that the murders in Sandpoint and in Magnimar (and the creepy ghouls in the haunted house) were due to a cult of murderers/assassins, led by serpent-woman and who carved the sihedron rune into their victims.

Now we have evidence of a much larger conspiracy.
The serpent-woman was the leader of THIS cell of the cult. There are apparently other cells out there. Drazz thinks they are also led by these kinds of serpent-women.
They are harvesting the souls of the dead through some kind of magic that is centered on the sihedron rune and they are looking for greedy souls.
They are harvesting the souls for their master.

I think that this serpent-woman was a lietenant for some bigger bad.
They are using thassalonian rune magic to gain souls, particularly greedy souls.
Which makes me think they are specifically using the brand of thassalonian magic that had to deal with the Rune-Lord of Greed.

What we need to figure out AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE is:
A) what the hell kind of creature this serpent-woman is and find out everything we can about their strengths/weaknesses/vulnerabilities and also what kind of society they have.
B) Find out what kind of magic was used by the Rune-Lord of Greed cause I think that is the kind of magic being used here.
C) What are these serpent-women using the souls for?
D) Who is their master? What kind of bigger bad are we looking at here?

It looks like another one of these cells is working out of a town called Turtleback Ferry.
I would suggest we go talk to the Lord Mayor. Let him know an ABBREVIATED version of the events going on.
Then we rest up, make some magical items, etc.
Then we find out about Turtleback Ferry, where it is, what kind of place, etc
Then we head over there to investigate.

I got a really bad feeling about this.


Gus politely excuses himself from Drazz’s room and races outside to throw up.
It is especially difficult to sleep tonight.

Conspiracy Theories

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