Rise of the Runelords

Return from Thistletop

Starday, 14 Rova 4707

Searching the last room in the complex the group found another status of the glaive man, six sarcophagi, and a secret door but were set upon by three shadows. The fight was tough since physical attacks were occasionally useless and things got a little dicey for Drazz when a shadow dropped cut his strength in half but group came out on top in the end.

The secret door led to a room that looked to be some sort of treasury but over the course of time had collapsed and was now flooded. The group fought the rooms only denizen, an enormous hermit crab that had taken up residence in a large (giant sized) helmet of gold and bronze. The group fought well with Ulfin taking the brunt of the attacks (and even being grabbed) and ultimately Ulfin was able to deliver the telling blow skewering the beast.

After a night’s rest, the group carried it’s spoils back to Sandpoint.


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