Rise of the Runelords

Three Weeks in Sandpoint

Sunday, 15 Rova 4707 to Sunday, 6 Lamashan 4707

After three days, not much has changed in Sandpoint. Sheriff Hemlock is still on his trip to Magnimar to get more troops due to the increase in goblin activity, Shalelu is still leading the watch (and delivers her heartiest congratulations on your clearing out Thistletop), and Mayor Deverin has begun organizing the building of watchtowers at some key points around the outer perimeter.

The group finds that Brodert Quink had spent most of his time in the catacombs and yesterday noon he had left for Magnimar. His friend Ilsoari (headmaster of the Turandarok Academy) says that he was quite keen to do some research there into what he’d found so far.

Ameiko Kaijitsu is having a rough time. You deliver the news of the death of her brother which she takes as stoically as she did her father’s death (but you see it affects her in her eyes.) As she has inherited both the family manor and the Glassworks she’s quite busy trying to get things back in order all the while running the Rusty Dragon. Valadon makes a decision to stay in Sandpoint a while and help her out. He is also curious about this scimitar that was found in Thistletop. It’s old to be sure and seems to “come alive” in his hand as he describes it. He’d like to study it closely.

On 21 Rova Hemlock returns. He has only 10 troops in tow and they seem young at that. It seems that the Magnimar government didn’t think expending more that than was a worthy idea which has left Belor Hemlock in a bit of a foul mood. Because the troops are so green, Hemlock offers Darious a job as their commander which Darius readily accepts.

Hemlock, Deverin, and Father Zantus as well as the town folk are all extremely grateful for the job you’ve done thwarting the future goblin attack on Sandpoint. The news regarding Nualia and the real reasons for the Cathedral fire during the Late Unpleasantness is troublesome to the town to say the least but after the initial shock, most hope that Sandpoint has turned the corner and can finally put that sad history to rest.

On 23 Rova Quink returned. He was most interested to hear about your adventure and was particularly fascinated by the newly found ruins under Thistletop. So interested in fact that he organized an expidition and asked Drazz if he would like to come along. Drazz agreed and the next day they set out to take a look at the new set of ruins under Thistletop. In addition, he was quite interested in the medallion with the star on it and when he found out you were selling it he purchased it on the spot.

Mayor Deverin and Sheriff Hemlock came to the group one day to discuss a matter relating to the town. In addition to Shalelu, there are a few other travelers in the hinterlands that help Sandpoint from time to time. They have decided to create a special group in the town Watch that they will call the Sandpoint Sentinals. The new group will be deputized into the watch and swear an oath (on Oathday, 23 Rova 4707) assist Sandpoint in a time of need and in return Sandpoint considers them citizens. In addition, they are encouraged to make their home here. If they choose not to live in Sandpoint (as Shalelu chooses) then on the occasions that they pass through Sandpoint, they are welcome and housing and meals are covered by the town. The members of the group are issued badge representing the Sentinels (a steel round embossed with a stylied lighthouse from which a ray of light is cast.)

Ulfin chooses to spend a fair amount of time with (proprieter of The Feathered Serpent) discussing all things extraplanar in hopes that he will be better prepared when he ultimately faces his destiny to avenge his people.

To be continued…


Hey guys, why did we sell the 7-star Amulet?

Three Weeks in Sandpoint

Yes. The group was showing all the Thassalonian related object to Brodert and mentioned offhand they were going to sell the medallion. Brodert bought it from them on the spot.

Three Weeks in Sandpoint

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