Allacar Darius Mithra Carriall Mauk III

Fighter (Minor Nobility)


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Allacar Darius Mithra Carryall Mauk III is minor nobility from crazy cultist family where the sister, father, and their retainers are chasing him down to try and get him to marry his sister in some ritual to bring the family dark power. Worshiping some long forgotten empire called the Middians. He loves his family so he doesn’t want to kill them but he sure as heck isn’t going marrying his sister so he ran away. Not that he really knew his family all that well. He was mostly raised by his dwarven nanny from the Dark Axe Clan and had even spent some time in her home city as part of what his father called a noble heightening of awareness of other cultures.

Coat of arms : Eight Pointed Star above a crescent moon turned like a Cheshire Grin. With Phrases in diffrent languages: Non Illudere Me. Nach Magadh Orm. Non Zombam Se Min. Ne Nevessen.

Allacar Darius Mithra Carriall Mauk III

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